8 Hair Treatments For Healthier Hair

1. White Truffle Shampoo + Conditioner Duo – This shampoo and conditioner duo will help you clean and condition your hair at the same time. It is enrich with natural ingredients that makes your hair healthy and shiny. 2. NuMe Argan Oil Serum – Hydrate your hair with this argan oil serum which is packed with vitamin E that can make your hair silky and shiny. No more frizzy and dry hair. 3. NuMe Watch Me Werk – Thermal Heat Protectant – Level up your hair care and use this thermal heat protectant. This will protect your hair from the heat of the sun to avoid dryness. You can now enjoy your worry-free day because of this thermal heat protectant. 4. NuMe Rise and Prime – Hair Primer – Make styling your hair easier with this hair primer. It will make your hair easier to style and gives you a flawless finish that will suit your beauty. It also smoothen and protect the hair from heat.
5. NuMe Hottie Alert – Shine and Spray -Give your hair an extra hair care with this shine hair spray. It makes your hair look extra shiny and soft. It has natural ingredients that prevents hair from damaging. 6. NuMe Clean N’ Mean – Dry Shampoo Powder – Grab this dry shampoo powder and bring out the new you. This dry shampoo powder refreshes the scalp and prevent dandruff from forming. It also inhibits the oil production in the scalp. 7. NuMe Vegan Tourmaline Hair Mask – Add all natural hair care in your list. This hair mask maintains moisture in the hair which makes the hair smoother. No more frizzy hair day. 8. Freeze Please – Strong Hold Finishing Spray – Worrying that hair will be messy after a long time? Add this finishing spray in your cart and enjoy a natural flawless finish in your hair. It holds your hair for a long time and creates a natural looking finish. Add these hair care products in your cart and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. No more bad hair day with these amazing products that will never let you down. Grab yours!