8 Standing Desks That Are Worth Spending Money On

8. E8 Oval-Shaped Standing Desk

The E8 is a great standing desk with a moderate price tag. It is made using a metal frame and a dual motor system that makes it easy to adjust the height. The model can be configured with different types of wood for the desktop and comes in two different sizes.

7. E7L Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk

If you require a lot of working space on your desk, you may want to look at l-shaped models. The E7L is a large desk that offers plenty of customization options and a dual motor system to adjust its height. It can be configured with caster wheels and can be used for left and right-hand size users.

6. Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk

The Comhar standing desk is a more practical model that comes with a dual motor system and some storage in the form of a thin drawer. It uses a sturdy frame that can be either black or white and can be used with or without caster wheels.

5. Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

For those who care about furniture made using renewable wood sources, there is nothing better than the Kana bamboo desk. It is a standing desk with simple controls to electrically adjust the height and a premium bamboo desktop that offers plenty of workspace.

4. H1 Crank Standing Desk

The H1 standing desk is a great option if you have a limited budget. With a modest price tag and a sturdy build, you get a classic standing desk that features a manual adjustable crank and a premium desktop that can be made from several types of wood.

3. Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-Shaped Standing Desk

The Seiffen l-shaped standing desk has a more modern shape with a curved desktop and a laminated finish. It uses a reliable electric motor system with simple controls and programmable standing positions. The model allows you to easily switch between heights without having to adjust them.

2. Esben UD4 Standing Desk

The UD4 standing desk is the type of desk that is suitable for a regular home office. It has programmable memory buttons along with height adjustment controls. The model also features two generous drawers for extra storage and offers plenty of working space.

1. UD1B Theodore Standing Desk

The UD1B Theodore standing desk is the perfect choice for an office room that has classic furniture. With a vintage design, metal drawer knobs, and hidden electric controls for height, the desk truly looks and feels premium.