8 Stylish And Lovely Lanterns

1. Cage Design with Candelabra

A cage design with candelabra exudes a romantic French touch. It gives an atmosphere of grace and elegance. On display, it is like conducting a grand ball inside the household.

2. Gas Lamp-Inspired Lantern

Add a dash of nostalgia inside your home with a gas lamp-inspired lantern. It looks like the popular lighting equipment of the 1800s. However, this item is run on electricity and is a safer option than its predecessors.

3. Bright and Shining Star

What could be the best fit to decorate the ceiling? A bright and shining star lantern, of course. The intricate gilded iron with antique mirror design is similar to a heavenly body. It brightens the hallways, the kitchen, and the bedroom.

4. Slim and Tall Bell-shaped Lamp

Brighten the corners of the room with a slim and tall bell-shaped lamp. These pieces are attractive home decor once installed. It turns every dim hidden spot into something livelier.

5. Elegant Gold Finish Globe

An elegant gold finish globe is a worthy centerpiece. It brings a touch of vibrancy and luxury to any room. The space will feel like an expensive five-star hotel.

6. Modern Schoolhouse Design

A modern schoolhouse design is a tribute to the classic lightbulb. The invention has innovated the lighting industry into what it is not. It is an antique-looking piece made of brass with white glass.

7. Bronze and Glass Combination

The bronze and transparent glass combination is a stylish and grand design. It features a thick chain to support the lantern and an exquisitely shaped glass body with layers. It is a decorative piece that can pleasantly greet guests in the hallway.

8. 3-Dimensional with 4 Light Sockets

Brighten the room with a 3-dimensional lantern that has four light sockets. It features a slim frame with a black paint finish and clear glass. The minimalist design suits the bedroom, living room, or dining area.


Lanterns are worth the investment. Installing it in rooms makes it lovelier and brighter. It is a decorative detail that tells a story and contributes to the motifs you want to pull off in styling your living space.