9 Multivitamins That Are Needed For A Healthy Body

1) Essential for women – multivitamin 18+

This multivitamin is created for those women from the age of 18 to 49

* Increase vitamin D by 43 percent

* Increase Omega 3 DHA by 41 percent

* It is USP verified

2) Essential for women – multivitamins 50+

If you are aging and need to be healthy then this is the multivitamin that you need.

* Perfect for women of age 50 plus

* Comes in a delayed release capsule design

* Comes with 8 traceable ingredients

3) Essential for women – prenatal multivitamins

Perfect multivitamin for those mothers to be before and during pregnancy

* Comes with 12 traceable ingredients

* Comes with the essence of lemon

* Comes as a vegan product

4) Essential for women – postnatal multivitamin

For those mothers that need to be healthy and ideal for 6 months postpartum

* The capsule comes with the essence of mint

* Comes with 15 traceable ingredients

* Free of gluten and major allergen

5) Essential for men – multivitamin 18+

For those boys to men who need energy and stay healthy

* Ideal for those from the age of 18 to 49

* Comes with 10 traceable ingredients

* Only need to take 2 pills a day

6) Essential for men – multivitamins 50+

to close the gap in the diet for those men after the age of 50

* Helps with muscle function and immune functions

* Helps with heart health and bone health

* Comes with 22% DV of zinc

7) Essential for teens – multivitamin for her

For teens girls from the age of 13 to 17 to stay healthy

* Best to support blood and bone building

* Best for brain health

* This is a non-GMO product

8) Essential for teens – multivitamin for him

Best multivitamin for teenagers between 13 and 17

* Contains no artificial colorings

* Comes with 9 traceable ingredients

9) Essential for kids – multivitamin kids 4+

This is a sugar-free gummy type multivitamin for those kids age 4 and more

* Ideal for kids’ digestive health

* Comes with 3-in-1 technology and cell-identical folate

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