9 Pillows From Jason’s Home That Must Be On Your Bucket List

1. Geode Pillow

Our Geode Pillow will flawlessly fit into almost any contemporary setting while keeping a neutral and stylish aesthetic. An earthy palette of white, taupe, brown, and black is combined with a swirling, marbling pattern on this lovely pillow. With a super-soft down and feather insert, we gave it a completed, plush look with a concealed zipper closing.

2. Sabra Pillows

Unique Sabra Kilim rugs from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains were utilized to create these throw cushions. These slender textiles are made from hand-spun cactus silk, vegetable-dyed in shades, and accented with old hand-stitched geometric patterns that stand for protection, family, fertility, and love.

3. Splatter Turquoise Pillows

A strong artistic influence may be noticed in our Splatter Turquoise Pillow. This plush pillow is a work of art in and of itself, thanks to the splattered pattern of grey, white, deep blue, and olive green. Splatter will stand out well against a solid-colored sofa or when paired with complementary-colored neutral pillows.

4. May Pillow

May is created from incredibly soft silk velvet using traditional ikat methods, a centuries-old resist-dyeing technique that emerged in Central Asia. Using cool light blue and cream, May has a softly delicate pattern. We adore it on its own or combined with a few of our other ikat pillows for an eclectic look. It works beautifully as a layer in both modern and rustic rooms.

5. Daios Pillows

This soft, weightless gem is relaxed yet exquisite. It is made of linen and has textured frayed edges for a perfectly worn-in effect. A plush pillow insert and a covert zipper closing complete the design. Pick one of five lovely neutrals or the sunny yellow for a lovely splash of color.

6. Mosaic Pillow

This gorgeous tonal design features fine, rectangular-cut velvet swatches in brown, grey, and black colors on a white woven background. We enjoy Mosaic blended in with other earth-toned pillows on a sofa or bed, which is ideal for creating a straightforward burst of design.

7.Devi Goldenrod Pillows

With our Devi Goldenrod Pillows, your couch or bed will have a more continental atmosphere. These lovely items came from a small rural community next to Jaipur, India, where they were made from woven linen and meticulously block-printed by hand using age-old methods. This sophisticated approach reimagines the age-old tumbling block pattern using a color scheme of brick red, blue, goldenrod, and cream.

8. Grenades Pillow

Our Grenades Pillow will give your couch or bed a touch of antique elegance. This vintage-inspired layer is covered with a gorgeously patterned linen fabric from the Paris-based Antoinette Poisson studio, which concentrates on reproducing 18th-century domino papers. We also like Grenades paired up with other pillows in similar colors or coupled with any of our other Antoinette Poisson pillows for a historical atmosphere.

9. Arden Pillows

The cream and black Arden has a striking rendition of the traditional Moroccan ogee pattern. It has a plush-down and feathered insert, a hidden zipper fastening, and a neutral linen backing. We adore Arden on its own or combined with other cushions in a related color combination. It layers beautifully in both contemporary and bohemian settings.