9 Pieces Of Original Art That Are Worth Adding To Your Collection

9. Table Knot

The Table Knot is a simple sculpture that can be used as a piece of décor. Its simple shape has a certain degree of elegance that makes it suitable for a bookshelf or an elegant dinner. Regardless of how you decide to use it to decorate a room, it is an excellent choice that will certainly be admired.

8. Alabaster Glow

Alabaster Glow is an amazing piece of original art that stands out. With a focus on minimalism and simplicity, the painting features brushstrokes in sparkling gold on a texturized white background. It can be a suitable choice for an office room or a living room.

7. Aghilas Natural

The Aghilas Natural is a hand-carved sculpture. Originating from the village of Sejnane, Tunisia, the sculpture is a representation of humanity and human history. The sculpture is made of clay and polished, making it an amazing piece of original art.

6. Bonsai Vine

If you enjoy Bonsai plants, you will appreciate the Bonsai Vine sculpture. This original piece of art is made out of clay and shaped to resemble a small tree. It is painted in dark black water paint, allowing it to create an amazing contrast with its surroundings.

5. Vessel in White and Gold

Not all pieces of art need to represent something in particular. The Vessel in White and Gold is an amazing piece of art that is meant to represent a vessel but with a unique take. It is made out of clay and has a texturized surface painted in white and gold.

4. Garden Walk No. 1

Garden Walk No.1 is a simple painting that takes inspiration from floral themes. It features leave-shaped accents in various shades of blue with metallic gold scattered on the canvas. The painting comes in a 10 by 10-inch canvas that is suitable for a bedroom.

3. Trajectory

Something is appealing about paintings that are separated into multiple pieces. The Trajectory painting is split into three pieces of canvas. It features a white background with an ink splash that extends across all 3 pieces.

2. Serving Bowl: Yellow Salt

Original art can also come in the shape of something simple like a serving bowl. Serving Bowl: Yellow Salt is a hand-made piece of ceramic originating from the Bay Area, California. The bowl features the design of artist Marie Bose.

1. Sea

Sea by artist Meghan Shimek is an amazing piece of original art. Made using cotton yarn, wool, and a copper dowel, the piece comes as an alternative for a painting that is designed to be hung onto a wall.