Coats & Jackets Your Kids Will Love This Season

1. Baby Bear Full Zip Hoodie

This baby bear’s full zip hoodie is an absolute must-have for your kids this fall, winter, and early spring. It’s adorable on just about any kid and even comes in several sizes and colors. This particular hoodie is made from 100% cashmere wool (which makes it the softest of all) and has a built-in hood. So, if you have a kid who sweats like crazy, this sweater will be perfect!

2. Baby Hooded Bunting (Baby)

This baby hooded bunting is the perfect coat for those slightly older kids because it’s a little bit more stylish than your average hoodie. It’s got a nice cowl neck but still fits in with the style of today’s kids.

3. Kids’ Moondoggy Water Repellent Down Jacket (Toddler & Little Boy)

This kids’ moondoggy water-repellent down jacket by The North Face is simply adorable. It comes in a few cute colors, and it’s very warm, which makes it perfect for chilly mornings and afternoons.

4. Kids’ Glacier Zip Hoodie (Baby)

The Kids’ Glacier zip hoodie by Lilly Pulitzer is super warm, but also very stylish. It’s got a slightly longer length than most hoodies, making it the perfect coat for your pre-teen kids. The hood can be worn up or down, depending on your child’s preference. It also comes in several colors and sizes!

5. Kids’ Suave Oso Full Zip Hoodie (Toddler & Little Girl)

This kids’ suave oso full zip hoodie by The North Face is a great option for your younger kids. It’s not very thick, but it will keep them warm on windy days or in colder environments. It also has an adorable bear face printed on the front!

6. The North Face, Kids’ Warm Storm Rain Jacket (Big Kid)

This The North Face kids’ warm storm rain jacket is a great choice for your older kids. It’s got a cute bear on the sleeve and will keep your child dry during windy and rainy days. It also has thumbholes in the sleeves and the hood, so it’s very breathable.

7. The North Face, Kids’ Reversible Mossbud Jacket (Baby)

The North Face, kids’ reversible mossbud jacket is adorable for your infant or toddler. It comes in several colors, has two cute characters on the front and the sleeves, and has a hood that can be worn up or down. The inside of the jacket is bright red, making it easy to spot your child on a rainy day!

8. Kids’ Glacier Full Zip Hoodie (Toddler & Little Kid)

The Kids’ Glacier full zip hoodie by Lilly Pulitzer is perfect for those slightly older kids who are getting into the winter months. It’s got a cowl neck and, like most kids’ coats and jackets, it’s very warm. The inside of the jacket is made from fleece, so it’s super comfortable for your little one.

There are a lot of great options for coats and jackets for kids this fall and winter. You just have to know where to look! Be sure to take a look at the coats and jackets.