List Of Aprons And Gloves

List of Aprons and Gloves

1. Mitt & Potholder Set

This potholder set makes a great gift for any cook or baker, and they’ll get plenty of use out of it. The fabric is 100% cotton canvas that has been quilted to make it more heat-resistant. They have cute little pockets on the side where you can tuck your kitchen utensils, and there are even wooden dangle feet on the bottom to protect your countertops.

2. Apron

This is not just any old apron. This is a SPN branded apron, with the show’s logo printed on the front. The back of the neck and straps are adjustable. The fabric is 65/35 poly-cotton for durability, and it’s machine washable for easy clean up after you’ve been in the kitchen all day, or if you get messy while cooking.

3. Golden Triangle Apron

This is another SPN branded apron. The stitching is on the front of the apron, and the back has a cotton canvas backing. The d-hooks are the perfect length. This is a great gift for any fan of Supernatural, or just anyone who appreciates a cute kitchen accessory.

4. Strands of Tradition 2 Children’s Oven Mitts

These are cute and functional oven mitts that are inspired by the beautiful textile work of women of India. They feature traditional Indian embroidery and have a cotton/polyester blend for durability.

5. Animal Dots Apron

This adorable apron is made of cotton, and has fabric ties to make the neck and waist straps adjustable. The appliquéd details are fun, and it’s easy to clean.

6. Cheetah Tropical Personalizable Children’s Apron

This apron is made with 100% cotton, and the design is embroidered on the front of the apron. The back features an adjustable neck strap for comfort. The inside has a polyester lining so it’s easy to clean when spills happen.

7. Sketched Quilt Apron

This apron is made of 100% cotton. The quilting on the back adds a unique element. The neck and waist straps are adjustable, and the pocket on the front is deep enough to tuck in a few extra utensils. This would be a cute gift for any cook or baker who loves Supernatural!

8. Antique Mitt & Potholder Set

This potholder and oven mitt set is made of 100% cotton. The mitt has a hook and loop closure, so it stays in place on your hand. The inside of the oven mitt is anti-slip for easy gripping. It’s also machine washable for easy cleanup.

9. Deco Arches Mitt & Potholder Set

This is another potholder and oven mitt set. It’s made of cotton canvas, and the mitt is made with a strong hook and loop closure. The back can be folded for easy storage in a drawer or closet. The neck strap is adjustable, and it’s machine washable for easy clean up.


Aprons and Gloves are typically considered to be protective clothing. Aprons typically cover more of a person’s body and are designed for protection from heat, spills, splashes or offers some level of physical protection to the wearer when carrying hot dishes. Gloves offer protection for hands.