List Of Frameworks To Explore Available In The Market

List of frame

1. Carver frame

A simple frame, where each character is treated as a block and the background characters against which the focal character is placed are of less importance. The framing technique of Carver-frame combined with expansive photography extends to much of contemporary photography and architectural design.

2. Carver Luxe

A solidification of the Carver-frame technique. A Carver-Luxe frame is a set of characters that compose an image on demand.

3. Mason frame

A type of Carver-frame in which the characters are rectangular and positioned around a circle.

4. Mason Luxe

A continuation of Mason-frame. The characters are placed around a square, but with the same shape as the characters in Mason frame.

5. Buddy frame

A frame with an uneven frame and a large header. The Buddy frame is made up of only 2 columns and the number in each column is not the same.

6. Smith

A Carver-Luxe frame where the inside background for each character is identical and the characters are unevenly distributed in the frame. The image is made up of 2 columns and rows of characters, but with different shapes of the characters.


Today we have discussed the importance of framework and how it can help your designs. If you use frameworks properly and at the same time do not copy them, you can be able to create a much more appealing design for your viewers.