List Of Ocean Electronics

List of Ocean Electronics

1. GARMIN–GPSMAP® 79sc Handheld GPS

This is a handheld GPS is a perfect addition to any ocean expedition or activity and is completely rain, shock, and dustproof.

2. FUSION–XS Series, XS-F77SPGW 7.7″ 240 Watt Sports Marine Speakers

These marine speakers have been designed for boats of almost any size and are truly waterproof. The sound quality produced by these speakers is clear and crisp, able to fill even the largest room of a boat with music.

3. FUSION–XS Series, XS-S10SPGW 10″ 600 Watt Sports Marine Subwoofer

The subwoofer creates a full-range sound that is particularly well suited for bass freaks with its 10″ woofer.

4. GARMIN–Overlander Navigation Device

This sat nav device is preloaded with maps of various areas, including the USA, Canada, Mexico and points in South America.

5. ICOM–M510 Class-D DSC VHF Marine Transceiver with Wireless LAN Function

This model is a single-band (2m) marine VHF transceiver with integrated GPS. It includes one remote control channel, and 16 channels of memory. A well-known feature is its display with large fonts at the top. This unit can be powered while connected to a car battery or shore power, it also has an external DC power jack

6. GARMIN–GMR Fantom™ 24x Radome, White

These radomes are machined from an advanced, virtually indestructible thermoplastic for a sleek, strong dome.

7. GMR Fantom™ 18x Radome, White

This is a solid dome radome with several different models. It has a strong, thermoplastic construction, suitable for professional use and the abuse of harsh environments.

8. GARMIN–NMEA 2000 Starter Kit

This is a very handy device that allows you to easily connect NMEA 2000 devices in a network.


Many of the systems provided by these companies are designed to be used in marine environments where boats travel throughout the ocean. The reliability of their products is of primary importance. All of their systems are guaranteed for life by the manufacturers, so you can be sure that if something goes wrong, they will take care of it. They come with full manuals, so technical support is always readily available.