List Of Wine Set Products

List of wine set products

1. 2-Piece Wine Set

2-Piece Wine Set is a small and complete wine set that includes a cup, saucer, and a decanter with stopper. The decanter is with metal clip to put on the cup, which is convenient for you to drink.

2. 6-Piece Wine Set In Gift Box

6-Piece Wine Set In Gift Box is a set of 6 glasses, decanters, and a stopper. The box is with blue pattern. With the box, you can put all the wine glasses in one place. The box also keeps wine glasses from breaking when moving.

3. Merlot Two-Piece Wine Set

Merlot Two-Piece Wine Set is the Merlot glass with the black handle. The decanter is with the red pattern, and with big mouth. It can open easily, and you can see the wine color clearly. When it takes off the stopper, you can see that it is a very small wine set, so there are many advantages in using it.

4. Mendoza 4-Piece Wine Set Mendoza 4-Piece

The glasses have the beautiful design of a vineyard. The wooden material is not just made of wood, but also with a black leather handle, which will be very comfortable to hold. When holding the wine to drink, you can see the color clearly and it is easy to take out the wines.

5. Wine Glass/Coaster Gift Set With Hershey’s Kisses

Wine Glass/Coaster Gift Set With Hershey’s Kisses is a nice gift, just like Valentines day. You can give it to your sweetheart or good friends who love to drink wine. The gift set includes a Merlot wine glass and a wooden coaster with a chocolate-covered kiss on the other side of the coaster.

6. Rosewood Wine Set Rosewood

Wine Set is a very beautiful and wonderful wine set, which makes you attract many people’s eyes. The wine set can make any women be more beautiful, it is not only the performance but also the beauty of the wine glass. Then, do you know? Those are very cheap and affordable for you; so why not try to buy it?

7. Deluxe 6-Piece Wine Set

The wine set contains 6 glass cups and decanters, and the wine glasses have a very good shape. The package of the decanters is with a pretty design, which makes it more beautiful. It is an exclusive gift for the special peoples.

8. Bel Vino 2-Piece Wine Set

The Bel Vino 2-Piece Wine Set is a set of 2 wine glasses: one is with the beautiful color of red, and the other one is with a black handle. Decanters are with metal clips on the rim to make it easy for you to take off the stopper. The packaging design makes it more attractive.

9. Stemless Wine Glass Economy Gift Box Set 10 oz

Stemless Wine Glass Economy Gift Box Set 10 oz is a nice gift that is a perfect gift for you who want to give some good gifts to your buddies. The company believes that the wine is not only made of the grapes, but also of hot water, and it has signs of red, white, rosé and sparkling wine.

10. Napa Stemless Wine Tumbler Set

Napa Stemless Wine Tumbler Set is a 6-piece set that includes 2 red wine glasses, and 4 white wine glasses. The box of the wine set is with a good design, which makes it look more beautiful and attractive. You can give the gift to your friends to express you warm feelings.

In conclusion, wine set is called a complete set that includes wine. It includes glasses to drink, glasses to serve and recommend the wine, decanters or carafes for serving wine in various quantities, and an ice bucket. The following is the list of products of the wine sets: