New Cosmetic Products You Need To Add To Your Routine

1. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream is a fantastic lightweight foundation that guarantees SPF and provides a finish that lasts all day. It is also very light on the skin, which means it won’t look caked on or heavy. The foundation also comes in a bunch of different shades for every skin type, so it’s incredibly easy to find the perfect match for your complexion. 2. MISSHA Glow Cushion The MISSHA Glow Cushion is a must have makeup product for summer. It’s an illuminating powder that provides sheer coverage with a radiant and glowy finish. The stick itself is also made from natural minerals that don’t leave your skin looking greasy or dirty. Try it as a bronzer to give your face added dimension, or to try as an all over face highlighter! 3. M BB Boomer Missha’s BB Boomer is a new foundation line that consists of five different shades. They all provide the same coverage, but come in three different finishes: mousse, creme and matte. The finish is also adjusted by the shade you choose so that you can adjust it to your liking. 4. Glitter Prism Metal A texture that is super easy to blend, beautiful shimmer, and a hint of silvery bling – this Glitter Prism Metal is the perfect eye shadow. It comes in four different shades – Black, Aqua, Sky and Gold – and it’s very forgiving on darker skin tones. This unique eye shadow also has excellent staying power, making it the perfect product for on-the-go days. 5. Glow Skin Balm This is a product that truly provides you with a healthy and radiant glow. After application, you will immediately notice your skin looking healthier, smoother and even more radiant. The formula also includes ingredients like grapefruit extract and starflower oil, which means your skin will be nourished as well as getting a beautiful glow. It’s perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and want to protect their skin from the sun without having to compromise beauty.
6. Glow Skin Balm To Go Mist This is the perfect product to carry around in your purse for touch-ups. It has a lightweight texture and is also infused with grapefruit extract, which means this makeup is not only great for applying at home, but it also works well in hot weather. 7. Day Vibe Palette This is the perfect cheek and lip palette for creating a fun, summer look! The pigmentation is gorgeous, it blends easily and it provides you with that perfect beachy glow. Use this product by itself, or add it to your existing routine as an accent. 8. A’pieu Juicy Pang Water Tint This is a brand new product that came out in the recent Glossier collection. It’s a water tint that comes in five different shades. With this color, you can make your lips look fuller and more plump, or use it as a handy lip stain to give you some definition and dimension. The formula is also incredibly hydrating and nourishing, making it a perfect product for dry lips. 9. Ultra Powerproof Thin Pen Liner If you’re looking for a bright and bold lip liner, this is the product for you. It’s a thin and smooth pen-style liner that comes in three different shades: wine, blueberry and purple. The formula is also very pigmented and the pigment lasts all day.