Spice Up Your Winter With These Killer Jackets

UO Eden Oversized Teddy Jacket

If you like looking adorable and staying warm, this cute teddy would be a perfect fit! Coming in maroon and light blue, this fuzzy coat would go great with any casual outfit!

UO Daria Double Take Chenille Sweater

If you’re looking for a statement piece, this sweater would be all the rage. With a boxy fit and three different colors, this chunky knit sweater would pull any outfit together.

UO Faux Leather Cropped Aviator Jacket

Whether you feel empowered by looking intimidating or simply have a love of leather, this Aviator jacket could do the job well. With a warm faux fur trim, there’s no way to go wrong with this look!

UO Palmer Sherpa Shirt Jacket

Another incredibly toasty choice, this cute little Sherpa jacket could keep you going through even the fiercest cold. It’s honestly just a bonus that it looks this good!

UO Sydney Crew Neck Cropped Sweater

If style is more of your concern than warmth, this cropped sweater is a musthave. Tying in winter fashion with all-around comfort and versatility? It’s a win in our book!

BDG Rayne Flannel Boxy Cropped Button-Down Shirt

While this is technically a shirt, the thick material and many fun patterns allow it to pair well as a jacket. No matter how you chose to wear it, you’ll look incredible!

BDG Audrey Jacquard Jacket

A true statement piece, this floral patterned denim jacket is leagues ahead of the rest. This jacket will keep you warm and fashionable in the rest of the winter months, as well as many to come!

UO Sofia Pocket Cardigan

Are cardigans more your style? You’re in luck! This beautiful piece with flowing sleeves will keep you dreaming of warmer days while you hunker down to study in the library. It even has pockets!

UO Mia Turtleneck Cropped Sweater

This chic cropped sweater comes in seven colors, with your choices anywhere between muted and bold! Very comfy looking, but could easily be pulled together for business casual with the right pair of high-waisted pants or skirt!

UO Bliss Fuzzy Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt

It’s pure fact that everyone needs at least one good fleece jacket in their life. Incredibly comfy and easy to pair with outfits, this jacket could become the next staple of your wardrobe.