The Best Maternity & Nursing Bras For A Comfortable & Supportive Fit

1. B.D.A.™ Bra For Maternity Support & Nursing

There’s no better investment than a good maternity bra, and if you’re starting out breastfeeding, you definitely want to invest in the right fit. Find out how to find the right size by using Belly Bandit’s patented sizing system.

2. Bandita Maternity Nursing Bra

Belly Bandit’s Bandita bra is an easy-to-wear nursing bra with three convertible clasps that allow you to nurse one-handed (while the other hand is holding onto your squirming child).

3. Don’t Sweat It – Bra Liner

Part bra liner, part nursing pillow, all comfort. The Don’t Sweat It bra liner is an anti-chafing bra liner made from microfiber that provides maximum comfort and unparalleled support.

4. Comfy Seamless Bra (V-Neck)

With an easy-to-wear design and the ability to be worn with or without a nursing bra, this seamless cotton navy V-neck breast feeding bra by Comfy Seamless is perfect for any mom’s wardrobe.

5. Leakproof Nursing Bra

Who says that you have to sacrifice form for function? The Leakproof Nursing Bra is a nursing bra that gives you the convenience of quick-access and worry-free breastfeeding with a nearly seamless design.

6. Comfy Seamless Bra (Scoop Neck)

Just like the aforementioned nursing bra, this comfortable cotton navy scoop neck breast feeding bra by Comfy Seamless has a seamless design and is designed to be worn with or without nursing pads.

7. ActiveSupport™ Nursing Sports Bra

Working out doesn’t have to stop during pregnancy or the postpartum period. The ActiveSupport™ Nursing Sports Bra has criss-cross back straps for optimal support plus a drop cup for easy nursing.

8. Leakproof Nursing Pads

If you’re looking for a reusable and washable nursing pad that won’t shift around or bunch up, this product is for you. If you are open to trying out a new nursing bra brand, consider the above recommendations from Belly Bandit and see which one fits your bust best.

9. Hot & Cold Breast Therapy Gel Packs

Whether you’re suffering from sore or tender breasts after childbirth, or if your breasts are engorged with milk, Belly Bandit’s Hot & Cold Breast Therapy Gel Packs can help relieve you of the discomfort that can come with breastfeeding.