Top 10 Furniture Pieces From Amara

1.Pols Potten Tam Tam Stool

You may add a dash of elegance with Pols Potten’s Tam Tam stool. This round stool comes with high gloss varnish in various colors or can be crafted from hand-carved wood for a more rustic presence. Excellent for use as a little side table or for exhibiting as a trendy stool.

2.Broste Copenhagen Tenna Shelf

With the help of this Tenna shelf by Broste Copenhagen, you can enhance your setting with sleek storage. This minimalist shelving unit is made of MDF and is available in a range of two-tone patterns that will spice up any panels.

3. Made Goods Alcott Nightstand

With the Made Goods Alcott double nightstand, you can add a modern vibe to your bedroom. Its faux bamboo drawer fronts, which provide texture and individuality, have been added to the stained wood construction. For the look to be complete, complement it with additional Made Goods furniture and accessories.

4. Ibride Chaperon Shelf

With this Chaperone shelf from Ibride, revamp your house. This special shelf was built with the design firm Chape & Mache and is based on the votive niche. It also has a hidden incorporated drawer.

5. Retreat Circular Mixed Marble Side Table

This side table by Retreat will add some contemporary twists to your household. It’s made of marble and has a spherical cream tabletop on top of one angular, dark piece that acts as the foundation. For a finished look, pair it with other Retreat products.

6. Day Home Bamboo Organizer

Your home will stand out with this DAY Home organizer. Any boring wall will transform into a work of art thanks to its circular bamboo construction. You can also put your items in the seven sections.

7. Global Explorer Rainbow Cane Shelves

These two shelves from Global Explorer will revitalize your living room or workspace. They’re constructed from natural cane and have a bohemian flair, making them a great addition to your living area or bedroom.

8. Lind DNA Curve Bull Double Lounge Table

This Curve Lounge table by LIND DNA is a must-have, given that it is sleek and chic. This Scandinavian piece will automatically give your home a classic style with its curved shape and leather embellishments. There is a huge amount of storage space for your necessities provided by the two steel plates joined by the oak legs.

9. Retreat Wire Shelves

With this shelving unit by Retreat, you can add some eye-catching storage to any vicinity. These brass-colored shelves feature a wire structure and various tiered storage. It is made of iron and is meant to be installed on a wall to conserve valuable floor space.

10.Podevache Minorque Ottoman

With this Minorque ottoman from PODEVACHE, you can add more space to your living area. It is made of polyester, filled with durable EPS beads, and furnished with a lovely abstract face pattern in black and white tones. Don’t worry; the covers can be removed and washed thanks to the metal zip fastening.