Top 8 Box Lunch Pillows

1. POKÉMON POKÉ BALL PILLOW – this is a pillow perfect for those who love to have merchandise of the famous anime Pokemon, wherein die-hard fans of the hit anime show will have a chance to own one of the show’s iconic pieces. It is made from high-quality fabric and foam that will retain its shape after use.

2. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS SPONG BOB CLOUD PILLOW – this is a pillow made for Spongebob lovers out there, its detailed design makes it stand out and every fan of the hit show is going to love hugging this kind of pillow.

3. JURASSIC WORLD T-REX PILLOW PETS PLUSH TOY – a pillow made for dinosaur lovers, especially of the iconic T-Rex, this pillow doubles up as a plush toy perfect for those wanting to hug something during sleeping time.

4. DRAGON BALL Z RADAR CUSHION WITH SOUND – perhaps considered to be the most high-tech pillow on the list, aside from its dragon radar design that came from the hit anime series Dragonball Z it also has a beeping sound similar to the one heard on the show making it very techie looking pillow.

5. BLUE’S CLUES PILLOW PETS PLUSH TOY – a cute pillow and plush toy from the hit 90’s variety show Blues Clues, it has the same details and physical characteristics found on the show. The foam inside of this pillow/toy is unstable and able to retain its shape despite being hugged for longer periods.

6. DISNEY STAR WARS R2D2 SLEEPTIME LITE PILLOW PETS PLUSH TOY – the iconic R2D2 pillow has now been made as a pillow and plush toy that is great for hugging. Its head is considered to be a pillow that is very detailed and soft.

7. DISNEY PIXAR CARS PILLOW PETS LIGHTNING MCQUEEN PLUSH TOY – this is a unique design of a pillow by being the shape of a car and not just any car but from the car from the hit Disney movie CARS. It can also be played as a car since it has soft wheels.

8. COMFY PANDA PILLOW PETS PLUSH TOY – a panda pillow perfect for those who love Panda, it also doubles as a plush toy making it a great toy for kids. It is both huggable and soft as a pillow.