Top 8 Modular Sofas

1. TATUM SOFA CHAISE – this L-shaped sofa is made from a mixture of fabric and polyester. It provides comfort and class because of its elegant design which makes the user feel like royalty. The entire frame is constructed from durable wood, plus its high-density foams are capable enough to retain its shape.

2. SKYE MICROFIBER POWER RECLINING SOFA – this sofa is perhaps the most unique since it has reclining functions that would surely make the user feel comfortable and sleepy. It’s made from microfiber that is suitable for people who have sensitive skin, the entire frame is made from wood with a Sinuous Coil Spring System.

3. BLAKE MICROFIBER POWER SOFA W/ POWER HEADREST – perhaps considered to be the most high-tech sofa on the list aside from the headrest and recliner, it also has USB ports convenient enough for charging any gadgets. The fabric is also made from microfiber and the entire frame is made Kiln kiln-dried wood.

4. TRAYCE CHENILLE QUEEN SLEEPER SOFA – the smallest sofa on the list perfect for small apartments and homes that have limited space. It has a comfortable headrest and the fabric is made from polyester, with the entire frame made from Kiln Dried Wood that can stand the test of time in the long run.

5. DUCHESS SOFA – a sofa made for royalty with exquisite design and classic design everyone who might sit would feel that they are in a castle. Its fabric is made from the finest polyester with the frame made from Furniture-Grade Wood making it very durable but at the same time elegant in nature.

6. HUTCHINSON LEATHER SOFA – a leather sofa perfect for those who want to have a simpler look and be minimalistic on the furniture of their home, the fabric is made from leather with a frame entirely made up of hardwood, Kiln Dried Wood. The design of the upholstery is similar to the ’50s giving it a vintage look.

7. QUINCEY POWER-RECLINING SOFA – a reclining sofa that focuses on comfortability, since its entire frame has a unique design of a double layered foam. Its fabric is made of microfiber and a frame from hardwood, despite being layered foam it is still able to retain its original shape regardless of the weight of the user.

8. BRIARWOOD SOFA – the simplest design on the list perfect for those who want to have a minimalistic approach to their homes, its fabric is made from microfiber with a solid frame made from a wood veneer. Its overall look can easily fit into any design of the home making it one of the simplest sofas on the market today.