Top 8 Oven Accessories You Must Buy

1. Ooni Pizza Peel – Take your pizza out while it’s hot with this Ooni Pizza Peel. It is made of stainless steel which makes it rust-free and lasts for a long time. It has an easy-grip handle to get your pizza out of the oven perfectly.

2. Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel and Serving Board – Serve your pizza perfectly well with this pizza peel and serving board making your pizza look more delightful and extra yummy.

3. Ooni Infrared Thermometer – Check your pizza temperature accurately with this infrared thermometer. It helps your pizza base cook well. Try this bestseller thermometer now.

4. Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters – Try this natural firestarter to start your wood-fired oven and make tasty pizza and cakes out of it. It is made of all-natural fibers that ignite easily and do not contain chemicals making your baked goods safe and delicious.

5. Ooni Baking Stone – Make your baking journey easier with this Ooni baking stone. This ensures a tastier and crispier base for your pizza. It is made of quality stone that heats up easily and cooks the pizza base well.

6. Cover for Ooni Karu 16 – Protect your oven with this elastic cover that makes your oven dustproof. It has adjustable straps to fit perfectly into your oven. Make your oven safe and protected when it is not in use. Grab this oven cover for a long-lasting baking journey.

7. Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack – Out of gas but you have a wood-lighted oven? Add this assorted oak pack to your baking journey. It is cut into small sizes to fit perfectly in your oven. It is made of premium and well-dried oak trees. Try this and attain the smoky flavor of baking your favorite pizza and dish.

8. Gas burner for Ooni Karu 12 – Tired of lighting your wood-lighted oven? Getting annoyed at smoking? This gas burner will save you and have a smoke-free baking. This will easily convert your wood-lighted oven into gas operating oven.

Have an amazing Christmas holiday with your family and level up your baking journey with these 8 oven accessories that make your baking easier.