10 Stunning Travel Bags For Men And Women

Hence, a list of 10 travel bags is given below. These travels bags for men and women are available in multiple sizes. So, they can be the ideal travel bags.

10 Stunning Travel Bags For Men and Women

1) Backpack (Medium Size)

This leather backpack is made in Italy. It has some pockets and it’s compatible with a travel strap. The backpack comes with an address tag (removable).

2) Hand Clutch (Aluminum)

This is a stylish and sturdy hand clutch. It’s designed in Germany. The bag has a secured leather compartment and it weighs only 0.82 lbs. So, take it while you travel.

3) Tote Bag (Medium Size)

It’s an Italian-made tote bag. The polished black look and its leather handles reflect a sophisticated style. Therefore, don’t forget to take it.

4) Flat Pouch

To carry your laptop, you need a good-looking pouch. So, you can use this pouch to keep your laptop in it. It’s made in Italy and the pouch has a leather exterior.

5) Sling Clutch (Aluminum)

With a supreme quality shoulder strap, this sling clutch has a strong aluminum body. Moreover, its leather compartment is also noteworthy. You can keep your things secured inside this clutch.

6) Wrist Pouch

You can keep money, cards, smartphone, and more things in a wrist pouch. The pouch has a removable strap and it’s made of leather. Hence, this pouch is a must-have.

7) Cross Body Bag (Aluminum)

This aluminum cross body bag has two open compartments, credit card slots (3), and zipped pocket (1). The bag is designed in German and it comes with a strong leather strap.

8) Weekender Bag

It’s an Italian-made leather bag with a removable shoulder strap. Furthermore, the bag can also fit with a suitcase. Hence, you should carry it when traveling.

9) Phone Bag

It’s a stylish phone bag made of high-quality leather. The bag has a magnetic lock and it has three card slots. So, this bag can keep your phone safe.

10) Briefcase

If you are traveling under your office, then this briefcase could be a wonderful one. This rectangular bag has two zipped compartments and it has a strong leather strap. Hence, it’s an ideal bag to keep all your office files and papers.

The above bags are supremely stylish and they are made of top-class leather. The list contains different types of attractive travel bags. So, follow the list and pick the bags that you like.