10 Travel Bags For Men And Women That Are Genuinely Useful

10. Rimowa Never Still Flap Backpack

A backpack is essential when traveling. The Never Still Flap Backpack has several advantages. First of all, it is made from durable canvas material. This makes it capable of dealing with wear and tear. The second advantage is that it has one large compartment and a wide opening. It makes it easy to search for anything inside the backpack and it is large enough for a small 13-inch laptop.

9. Rimowa Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag

When it comes to small luggage, nothing is as robust and durable as polycarbonate. The cross-body bag from Rimowa is an ideal choice for travelers. It is reasonable in size to hold most of the essentials and it is easy to access while keeping everything secured inside the bag.

8. Rimowa Never Still Tote

You still need some type of handbag while traveling. The Rimowa Tote was designed with travelers in mind. It has a back strap that makes it easy to attach to a trolley and plenty of compartments inside to keep things organized.

7. Rimowa Large Flap Backpack

The Rimowa large flap backpack is very similar to their medium size one. It has plenty of storage options with its side pockets and interior compartments and it is large enough to hold a 16-inch laptop. The backpack is made using premium canvas material and has a secured buckle attached to the flap.

6. Rimowa Weekender Bag

If you are looking for the ideal travel bags for men and women, the Weekender series of bags from Rimova ticks a lot of boxes. It is large enough to replace a small trolley and comes with two large zippered compartments. The shoulder strap makes it convenient to carry around while the strap on one of the sides makes it easy to attach to a large trolley.

5. Rimowa Cardholder

No matter how many travel bags you have, you need a cardholder. It will help keep your cards organized and it is small enough to carry in one pocket without being bothered by it. The cardholder can fully replace a wallet while being much more compact.

4. Rimowa Phone Bag

No matter how many travel bags for men and women you have, you will need a phone holder or bag. The Rimowa phone bag is designed to be worn around the neck. This makes it easy to access your phone and keeps it secure and protected from accidental drops.

3. Rimowa Medium Backpack

Unlike the flap backpack models from Rimowa, the regular one has a more traditional design. It has a large compartment that is secured with a zippered closure and two zippered leather-covered pockets in the front. It is made from full-grain leather and canvas which gives it a durable construction.

2. Rimowa Aluminum Hand Clutch

The Rimowa aluminum hand clutch is a viable pick if you enjoy packing light. It can hold most of the usual things that one would need for a short walk such as a wallet, phone, and some documents. The hard aluminum shell offers great protection for the items stored inside the clutch case.

1. Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch

One of the best choices in terms of travel bags for men and women is a sling clutch. The sling clutch from Rimowa is made from aluminum giving a bit of extra protection for the items inside. You can safely store a phone and a wallet in the clutch while wearing it around your shoulder for easy access.