12 Outdoor Furniture With Reliable Design And Comfort

1. Tessio 4 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with Cushions Gathering with family or friends is sure to be fun with this sofa set. Made of rattan which is known to be strong, durable, flexible, waterproof, rustproof, UV resistant, equipped with a pillow made of polyester. Product care is also easy, just wipe with a damp cloth. 2. Safira 4 Piece Sofa Seating Group with Cushions Complete your back porch with this Safira 4 pieces sofa. You can have breakfast in the loveseat, or just drink coffee with friends in the afternoon. Made of solid acacia wood which has a beautiful natural fiber that is weather resistant. Easy maintenance, just wipes with a damp cloth, clean the pillow with a soap solution. 3. Mafalda 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions Beautiful chair set with a modern design, unique rattan woven pattern adds to the beauty of this set. Place on the porch or backyard to accompany your relaxing time. The seat is wide with the right depth so you will be comfortable using it. Easy maintenance, just wipe with a damp cloth. 4. Keegan Solid Wood Side Table A beautifully designed table with curved legs adds to the style of this table. Place it where you relax outside the room to put books, drinks or snacks. Made from strong acacia wood and covered in teak, it’s easy to clean with just a rag. 5. Meadowland Glass Dining Table A glass table in the shape of a caterpillar with a nice iron leg design with a decorative braid on the edge of the table adds to the aesthetic value of this table. Place it outside the room to complement your outdoor furniture. 6. Margot Concrete Side Table A table with a cylindrical shape resembling a felled tree trunk, great for decorating your yard. Although it is made of concrete, it is light and smooth. Simple design but durable and easy to clean. A table that can be used to place your drink or casual complementary food.
7. Claborn Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions Beautiful chairs with comfortable designs equipped with wide and soft pillows. Made of steel with a nice woven pattern. This chair is water-resistant, weather-resistant and easy to clean. If you sit in this chair, you will be lazy to stand again because of its comfort. 8. Peery Outdoor Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions (Set of 2) Swivel chair that swivels 360 degrees for the outdoors that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use. Made of metal with beautiful pattern. Easy to clean and weather resistant. Place it in your garden or patio to complement your outdoor furniture. 9. Townsend Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit An outdoor fireplace with a unique and beautiful design, at the same time can beautify your backyard. made of concrete for wood fuel. 10. Scipio Pizza Oven Gathering with family or friends will be even more exciting with this Scipio Pizaa Oven. Enjoy the fireplace to warm the body while cooking at the same time. Fireplaces that have hidden barbecue grills. Made of cast iron covered with antique bronze. 11. Loya Outdoor Bar Set Complete your patio or backyard with the Loya Bar Set. You can have a fun gathering with friends. Made of solid wood which is weather-resistant and durable. 12. Joaquin Patio Folding Bar Table Bar table in an attractive tropical style, made of solid acacia wood for durability and weather resistance. Another advantage of this table is that it can be folded and is equipped with wheels for flexibility. Has a shelf for storing bottles or glasses that are practical and easy to reach.