2 Cozy And Soft Weighetd Robes

2 Cozy and Soft Weighted Robes 1) Fleece Weighted Robe From Gravity This collared (3 pounds) bathrobe is made of polyester fleece. As a result, it’s an extremely comfortable robe. It comes in four sizes and the robe won’t make your skin itchy. Hence, it’s an ideal robe.
2) Terrycloth Weighted Robe From Gravity Cotton and polyester are used to design this robe. Naturally, the robe is warm and soft. Its 3 pounds weighted color can be removed. So, the robe is super easy to wash. Moreover, this white robe looks stylish and clean. The above bathrobes are made with supreme quality materials. They have precise stitching and a flawless design that can make you relaxed. So, these robes would never disappoint you.