6 Best-Selling Nails

Sprinkles Pointed Almond

There is no denying the fact that this one has won a lot of awards in the past and nobody would be surprised if it would continue to win even more in the future. There is also no need to worry about it getting wet especially when it ends up raining a lot outside.

Pink Swirl Medium Almond

It is amazing how you would get tons of compliments the moment you try these nails. It has garnered tons of positive reviews and it is not that hard to conclude why. Add that to the fact that the application is pretty easy and you’d want nothing more than to go for it all the way.

Boba Short Pointed Almond

It won’t take you too long to figure out how trendy these nails are. No matter what activities you do, you will be surprised at the fact that these nails won’t easily pop off. You will still have them as they are pretty durable.

Double Rainbow Short Coffin

It is evident how easy it is to apply these things in more ways than one. Besides, you’ll want to hinge on the fact that you would want to go to any event when you were rejecting all the invitations before. The length is nice and it will become the perfect gift to your friends who love nails.

Boogie Brown Medium Almond

It just takes three steps to apply these nails and you will immediately be thankful at the fact that you have them in your life. Also, they look really natural and you won’t have to worry about these nails popping off anytime soon.

Purple Power Medium Almond

This is one of those options that would really make you happy when you adore it the most. Also, you’ll choose all the nasty spots and you will still come out the winner. It is evident your friends are already familiar with this a long time ago.