Higherdose: The Best Place For Your Sauna Related Items


Here we have listed some of the benefits of going to HigherDOSE and having all these items in one place

* Detox and weight loss – With the use of a sauna blanket you will get a full body detox, better circulation, and eliminate any toxin.

* Beauty and skin – With the usage of red light and infrared you will rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level.

* Fitness and recovery – Help take your performance to next level at your home with our mat

* Relaxation and sleep – Your brain will trigger with a better level of nutrients to get a night of better sleep.

It is also easy to clean, you get spa experience anywhere and anytime, usage of luxe clean and quality materials, get instant benefits, design is space-saving and it uses innovative technologies.

1) Full spectrum infrared sauna

This is one of the hottest saunas in the market and can be used at home. It detoxifies the body, relaxes your mind, promotes healthier glowing skin and a healthy brain.

* Made with the wood exterior, Red Canadian cedar interior with tongue and groove construction

* Can fit in 2 to 3 persons

* Comes with removable bench, upgraded entertainment center, and LED chromotherapy light

2) Infrared sauna blanket insert

This soft and highly absorbent blanket is perfect for clean-up and for those who prefer to keep their clothes off.

* Made with 35% bamboo and 65% organic long-staple cotton

* Machine washable and quick to dry

* Protects against blanket surface

3) Infrared sauna blanket

This blanket will increase thermal energy, promote glowing skin, and enhance relaxation.

* Comes with one heating zone and up to 8 display level

* Comes with a 1-hour timer setting and low EMF

* Comes with a one-year limited warranty

If you are looking for all these benefits start making the journey to a healthier and better life in an instant.