Sexy And Sultry Eyelashes To Change The Way You Exude Grace

Bombshell Long Cat Eye

This long and durable faux eyelash will give a dramatic difference to how your eyes can stare and gaze at anyone. Let them admire as they see through your smiling eyes with this Bombshell sexiness.

Gossip Short Cat Eye

This lush fax eyelash composed of thick and numerous strands that makes a dark effect to your eyelashes. It has a natural look that will define a sultry and mysterious appearance.


You can look homey yet the finest with this Work from home eyelashes kit. To make you feel outgoing even at the comfort of your home, get inspired by wearing this innovative lashes kit for your Zoom meetings or just doing your tasks.

VIP Long Cat Eyes

Look your glamorous version just by these fake lashes that looks ultimately natural and feels so lightweight. Make your eyes the most beautiful asset with this classy addition to your facial features.

Lust long cat eye

Make your guy go crazy when he looks into your lustful eyes. Achieve the most covetable stares through this amazing fake eyelashes that defines a tempting passionate look. Give your eyes volume and depth with this heavy and thick fake lashes.


Look like a goddess with the vixen design that is characterized by sharp tips that gives a fly-away look making your eyes look sultry and sexy. Define a glowing appeal with your eyes by applying these faux lashes on a daily basis and make it your signature look.


This ultimately long and thick eyelashes with the abundant strands could be the most dramatic and flashy eyelash look you can have. Make everyone’s eyes and heads turn on you as you give them the most ethereal stare they can experience.


Be in your most dashing vibe by wearing a natural-looking faux eyelashes that can change the way you glance and blink with its magical appeal. This Banger design enhances the most attractive and confident version of you.