The Most Luxurious Bath & Shower Products

1 Sugar Body Polish

Keeping your skin smooth and soft while making you feel warm and rejuvenated is delivered by this sakura sugar body polish.

2 Sakura Shower Oil

A shower ritual made from organic and natural ingredients will definitely keep your body refreshed and healthily safe from toxins with this shower oil.

3 Foaming Shower Gel

The right kind of shower gel should have an energizing and as well as calming scent like this shower gel fit for a restful samurai.

4 Salt Body Scrub

A perfect bath and shower products ritual that keeps your skin ultimately healthy, smooth, soft, and clean is this body scrub that has a powerful ingredient for visible effects.

5 Ayurveda Body Scrub

A deeply cleansing and as well as relaxing wellness body scrub is this Ayurvedic bath and shower products regime. Experience a different kind of bathing.

6 Ayurveda Shower Oil

Pairing your Ayurveda body scrub with an Ayurveda shower oil right after will define a different glow and radiance to your skin and supple feeling.

7 Sakura Bath foam

Optimize your sakura ritual with the sakura bathing foam. Enjoy its scent and effects on your skin that will surely get you mesmerized.