6 Dog Toys Your Furry Friend Will Love

Tennis Tumble

A puzzle toy your dog can sink his or her teeth into for hours. Need a doggy distraction while you or your kids work or study? Simply toss this in your pet’s direction and watch them become engrossed instantly.

Collar Walk & Play Kit

A complete walk-and-play set for your canine companion, the bundle includes a collar, a toy kit, a poop bag carrier, and more. You’ll be able to walk your dog outside without worrying that the collar or leash will break.

4 Tennis Balls

Get not just one, but four tennis balls that are made for doggy play. Pet-friendly materials and a bouncy rubber core make for superb play scenarios, such as throwing, fetching, or establishing a deeper bond.

Twist Toss

Made from natural rubber that’s chewable and interesting for your pooch, the Twist Toss is an excellent fetch toy. The bounce is unpredictable and keeps your pet on his or her toes, and the item is BPA-free and food-safe. You can hide treats inside and train your dog’s sense of smell and ability to find their favorite food using their paws and mouths.

Bolt Bite

The ultimate chew toy that’s made to last, the Bolt Bite features a reinforced center and two ‘elbows’ to encourage paw play. The open ends are good for hiding treats for that extra depth. This toy is suitable for dogs of all ages, including large breeds and puppies alike.

Triangle Tug

Play a game of tug of war without endangering your fingers or limbs in the process. The rope is made from natural cotton, and the triangle from natural rubber with a reinforced core. It’s tough enough to last a dozen or so uses, even with a strong-jawed dog.