7 Bed Sheets For A Better Night’s Sleep

1. Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet

This sheet can help you stay comfortable while you sleep. The fabric used is soft and durable. It does not trap heat, so you stay cool throughout the night. It is fitted which means the edges feature a continuous elastic hem. It will sit perfectly on your bed mattress.

2. Brushed Cotton Top Sheet

This is a top sheet that you can add to your bedding if you want to add comfort. The sheet is oversized which means that you can also use this as your blanket for warm days. The fabric of the sheet is 100% cotton so it’s super soft and smooth. It has a buttery soft finish that gives a luxurious feel to the sheet.

3. Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

Organic cotton is much more durable and soft. If you often get irritated with fabrics, then this is your kind of bed sheet. This feels smooth on your skin and also does not cause any allergies or irritation. This features an elastic hem on all edges so it hugs perfectly your bed mattress.

4. Linen Top Sheet

Linen sheets are a must-try if you often wake up sweating. This fabric is breathable. It will keep you warm on cold days and cool on hot days. It does not trap your body heat so you stay cool throughout the night. Linen also has an antibacterial property which means that your sheet will stay bacteria-free.

5. Percale Fitted Sheet

This is a fitted sheet that has a continuous elastic hem. It doesn’t get easily removed from your bed mattress once you put it above it. Percale sheets are soft, crisp, cool, breathable, and easy to wash. It’s not a common fabric material making it unique among other sheets.

6. Percale Top Sheet

If you find Percale intriguing and you want to try it, here is another option for you. This is a top sheet which means that it is oversized and can be used as a blanket. It can also be used as another layer of your bedding for added comfort and warmth.

7. Sateen Fitted Sheet

Sateen sheets are just like your Percale sheets. They are made of cotton which makes them super comfy and smooth. They are also the best ones recommended for people who often get an allergic reaction to dusty bed sheets. This fabric has a sheeny finish and drapes nicely.