7 Best Haying And Harvesting Products

1. Heavy-Duty Super Spear

This product is specifically a 3-point rear attachment hay conveyor, this product is ideal for moving and lifting any type of round hay bale.

2. Penetrator Bale Spear Kit, 49-1/4 in

Build a new hay hauler or replace your old hay bale with this kit. Rated for 3,500 lbs. this kit includes 1 tapered nut, 1 tapered bushing, and 1 hay bail. Guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials.

3. 60 in. V-Style Acreage Rake

With this surface rake, you can rake, dethatch, and turn loose leaves and grass into neat rows for quick and easy collection. The six-tub reels are 20 inches.

4. Quick Attach Super Spear, QASS

It is a universal front mount round bale drawbar that attaches in place of the bucket on a front loader using a universal mounting system.

5. Bale Elevator No. 55 Chain

Lift bales from your wagon or truck to your barn, transport, and stack bales in the mow, and load or unload your truck with this hay elevator. This product helps move hay more easily.

6. Hay Bale Heavy Duty Tarp (28×48 ft)

It is a hay bale net wrap that keeps the elements away from your important equipment and supplies.

7. Baler Wire

This baling wire is used to easily make firm ties for concrete reinforcing bars. It is also important to mention that this wire is very flexible.