7 First Aid Kit That You Need In Emergencies

1) McKesson irrigation solution, sodium chloride

Used for device irrigation and to moist the surface of the wound dressing.

* Comes in 5 options

* Contains 0.9% sodium chloride

* Cannot use as an injection

2) Kerlix fluff bandage roll, sterile

Used for dressing and comes with a quick-absorbing feature

* Comes in 2 options

* Used for bandaging heads and limbs

* Comes in a soft pouch

3) 3M medipore H soft cloth surgical tape

Can be stretched in multiple ways to use for swelling and easier movement.

* Comes with an easy tear feature

* It is hypoallergenic

* Made with cloths

4) 3M Coban cohesive bandage, tan

Used to protect the main dressing and other devices.

* Made with nonwoven, latex and elastic

* porous, lightweight and breathable

* It will stick to itself and no need for a pin

5) McKesson hydrogen peroxide

This topical liquid comes in a 1-gallon bottle.to treat minor cuts

* Contains 3% strength

* Can be used by rising and gargling


7 First Aid Kit That You Need In Emergencies-1


6) Hibiclens antimicrobial skin cleanser

Can be used as a surgical scrub or for hand wash.

* Comes in clear liquid, scented, and in pink color

* Contains 4% strength

* Contains CHG

7) Curity flexible adhesive bandage

Made with flexible and stretch fabric that conforms with movement.

* Comes in 3 sizes

* Comes in a rectangle shape

* Ideal to use on fingers and any bending area

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