The Fun Chews And Candies That Lets You Make More When You Run Out!

1. LĒVO II + Gummy Making Kit A gummy-making kit is always a good start for your personalized snack. This set comes with three gummy bears pack of assorted flavors and a heavy-duty gummy-making machine. 2. Ultimate LĒVO II Kit Elevate your gummy experience with a gummy-making machine that can process your ingredients of choice. The kit also comes with the complete tools and equipment for your gummy making needs. 3. Bake your loved ones with this brownie mix that will surely be appreciated. It’s a LEVO product so it is guaranteed to have the iconic taste and organic ingredients. 4. Your friends and family will definitely crave more of these LEVO chocolate chip cookies made from the finest ingredients and is easy to prepare!
5. Cherry, Raspberry, Peach Gummy Mix Kit These edibles and shareables make a fun snack for children and children at heart. This snack is hearty and so covetable because of its neutral taste that is not so sweet. These gummies pack that comes in three are also so flavorful! 6. Gummy Mix + MCT Kit One of LEVO’s most subscribed products. These edible and shareables make you consume and eat more are it comes with an MCT oil together in its package. You can make your own gummies if you run out of goodies. Don’t forget to purchase a LEVO machine too! 7. Mega Accessory Kit If you run out of your delicacies, you can always make your own with everything you need for any type of candy-making using your LEVO machine. It comes with the complete set of LEVO accessories, tools, and equipment for your LEVO machine! 8. Glittery Gummy Kit Making your own gummy is a perfect idea for gifting, souvenirs, and starting a new candy business. Using your LEVO machine, you can style and design your gummies with this glittery kit for candy making. It also comes with oils, mold, and glitters. 9. Cherry Tart Gummy mix Last but not the least on the list, the taste of cherry can pop out a vibrant taste on your tongue’s senses. These are perfect edibles and shareables you could think of.