Portable Massage Gun Options For Housewife, Pros, And For Older

1. Theragun PRO For times when you can’t go to a professional masseuse, using this device is the next best thing. Even professionals use the Theragun PRO and that’s why you can be sure that it really works. This is not just for older people, it’s ideal for athletes and active individuals as well. 2. Theragun Elite This is the quietest Theragun available, making it ideal for home use. You can use this late at night when other people in your household are sleeping. This is perfect for housewife who likes to get a massage before going to sleep. 3. Theragun Prime This is a more affordable option for people who want to experience the Theragun advantage. You can use this to soothe aching muscles and tissues.
4. Theragun mini Because of its small size, you can bring this massage gun with you anywhere you go. It’s perfect for quick massage therapy anytime, anywhere. 5. Theragun Red Special Edition If you want to get the advantage of the Theragun massage gun and do a good deed at the same time, then this special edition is a perfect choice. When you buy this product, you’re helping fight AIDS in Africa. 6. Theragun 24K Gold PRO If you want to experience the best massage therapy at your home, then the Gold PRO Theragun is the device you need. It has real 24K gold plating and provides an enhanced muscle therapy experienced than the other Theragun devices. 7. Wave Roller™ This is a smart foam roller that can be activated by Bluetooth. 8. Duo Adapter Set You can get different attachments for your Theragun. You can even use two attachments at once with this Duo Adapter Set.