The 10 BEST Massage Guns You Can Get This Year – 2021

NUMBER 1: THERAGUN PRIME The Theragun Prime is, while not as powerful as some of the other options available on this list, the bare minimum one needs in a massage gun for their home. It is both quiet as well as powerful while having over 120 minutes of total battery life, meaning you can get a full session of relaxation before your next meeting. NUMBER 2: THERAGUN PRO (RED) Available in the standard and in RED colors, the Theragun Pro does what no other massage gun can. By combining deep muscle treatment with high durability, all while being nearly silent, this massage gun really is what everyone thinks of when they think of a massage gun. NUMBER 3: THE STARTER SET Perfect for someone that wants to get started with massage guns at a low level, this Starter Set comes with the Theragun Prime, a Wireless Charging Stand, as well as a Supersoft Attachment. NUMBER 4: RECOVER ANYWHERE BUNDLE Offering both intense recovery from the Theragun Pro and compact versatility with the Theragun Mini, this bundle is the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to feel amazing wherever they are.
NUMBER 5: THERAGUN ELITE The quietest massage gun on this list, the Theragun Elite is the premier in massage guns on the market. It uses ultra-quiet smart percussive therapy with advanced sound insulation so you will barely hear it as it’s doing its magic. NUMBER 6: THE WORK FROM HOME SET If you are someone that doesn’t know what is ideal for their situation, consider The Work From Home Set. This awesome set comes with the Theragun Elite, a Wireless Charger, and a jar of the TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm. NUMBER 7: SUPERSOFT FOAM TIP REFILL While not a massage gun, this 3-pack refill will ensure that any massage gun you get stays feeling amazing for much longer. NUMBER 8: THE THERAGUN LOVER SET If you are already a huge fan of the Theragun brand, this is the set for you. It comes with a Duo Adapter Dampener Set as well as a Special Edition Theragun Mini. NUMBER 9: THERAGUN MINI Perfect for a quick session on the go, this pocket-sized option is offered in white, red, as well as black. Merging portability with high quality and effective muscle treatment, the Theragun Mini is the perfect little guy for when you are feeling tight and strained right this second. NUMBER 10: THERAGUN 24K GOLD PRO If you thought the Theragun Pro was the best possible option out there, you will be pleasantly surprised. The Theragun 24K Gold Pro, is the literal gold standard in massage guns. It takes everything to the next level, making all other massage guns seem downright “uncomfortable” by comparison.