7 Products From Squarespace That You Might Want To Try

1. Domains

If you’re going to build a website the first thing you need to have is a domain name that you have to register. It’s the address of your website. It’s a link you give to people so they can access your content. It is very convenient to buy a domain when you use Squarespace.

2. Website Templates

It’s a common struggle among content creators to pick which template they should use. Some settle for plain design which should not be encouraged because your website’s template is one thing that would encourage your readers to give their focus on your website.

3. Marketing Tools

Building a website will be much more challenging after you launch it. Your content should reach your target audience so that you get views, clicks, and sales. When you build your website at Squarespace you will be offered lots of marketing tools to market your website.

4. Online Store

Are you planning on building a website for your physical store and making your products available for an online purchase? Squarespace is a great platform to do that. It will help you set up your online store that generates revenues.

5. Email Marketing

How can you keep in contact with your subscribers? How can you turn your visitors and readers into buyers? The key is in email marketing. It’s giving updates to your subscribers. It’s giving useful content to them.

6. Scheduling

It’s difficult to keep track of the time when you start to build your website. You have to have a daily schedule or weekly schedule of what content you should upload. If you have an online store this scheduling system will automate your payments and other reminders.

7. Social Media Tools

Squarespace will also be responsible for your social media promotions. Social media is where your target audience is. It’s where you should attract them to visit your website. This is why the content that you upload on your social media must also be attractive and useful.