Best Portfolio Templates That Will Help You Land That Job

1. Stanton

The Stanton template is ideal for illustrators, digital artists, and photographers. It includes three unique pages to showcase your work – portfolio, description, and contact details. You’re able to add images and text to each of these pages as well. The Stanton template is ideal for professional visual artists who are looking to stand out from their competition when applying for jobs.

2. Fillmore

The Fillmore portfolio is especially effective for those who are looking to put a spin on their work. You’re only given a single page where you’re able to show off your best work, so be sure to use it wisely. This template is perfect for artists, designers, or photographers who have unique styles and are looking to show them off in an engaging way.

3. Nolan

The Nolan template is perfect for those who are looking to give a nod to their favorite movies in the footer of their portfolio. This creative template includes three different page sections: portfolio, contact details, and information. With this template, you’re able to easily showcase your work engagingly while also including all of the necessary contact information that hiring managers may be looking for.

4. Tresoire

Tresoire is a super creative portfolio template that’s ideal for designers, photographers, or illustrators. With this template, you can easily show off your unique design style while also including important contact information and links to your portfolio and social media pages. The Tresoire template is perfect for those who are looking to be noticed by hiring managers through both their work and their personality.

5. Utica

If you’re looking for a creative portfolio template that enables you to showcase your work, the Utica template is an excellent choice. The Utica template is both simple and versatile, meaning that it will be perfect for artists and designers who want something that looks good on a white background as well as others who prefer to give their portfolio pages a more sophisticated look.

These are five of the top portfolio templates that are currently available on the market today. If you’re looking for a beautiful template that will help you get ahead in your job search, any of these five would be ideal.