8 Best Squarespace Blog Templates In 2022


Brower features a straightforward grid-style homepage with post blurbs, navigation/menu icons, and small headlines. It’s a design option that allows your thumbnail photos to tell the narrative of each post. This template provides an overall elegant content feed that isn’t clashing itself and doesn’t overload the reader. Brower is suitable for any blog kind and its sans-serif font is perfect for mobile readers.


It’s not easy and not recommended to cram numerous images and text on a homepage as it will look confusing and cluttered, however, this blog template manages to achieve it by alternating full-bleed banner images and post thumbnails. At the same time, the posts themselves include negative spaces that create a captivating contrast. In addition to its sleek and professional-looking font combination, its white-on-black, dark mode-y formatting is also a nice contemporary touch.


Souto is one of Squarespace’s simplest free templates best for yoga experts, travelers, and mental health bloggers. It features an appealing and calm layout where you can group content by using sections. You can also showcase thumbnails alongside each article. This template is a must-try for those who are looking for an effective yet simple blog template.


Ideal for photography/art blogs, this mobile-forward blog template gives photographers and artists countless flexibility in font formatting. Its side-by-side thumbnails which connect to one-column posts are a good space to muse on your inspiration or process. Nevins’ demo version includes a portfolio page that links to standalone projects where each has a separate post with a short description/caption and full-page photos.


A free blog template that is best for portfolios, personal sites, or online resumes, Pulaski has a stylist topography and generous whitespace. This template presents well-arranged content making it suitable for publishing your portfolio or CV. If you want to exhibit all of your work to your clients or employers, you should use Pulaski as it highlights your work.


Fillmore, best for travel blogs, has an eye-catching layout with a variety of sections. This digital scrapbook presents a chic, clean template dotted with photos to showcase your adventures. It also includes multiple features and static blog pages that can make your blog impressive, informational, and visually attractive.


A simple and versatile free blog template, Hart is ideal for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. You can customize this template to suit the preferences and needs of your brand. It is also perfect for style bloggers, designers, and those who want an image-focused and stylist CV template.


Rivoli features a huge header, large visuals, and a clean design that makes it fitting for lifestyle, travel, fashion, and food blogs. Moreover, this template has 5 variety of layouts to go for, including a masonry grid, alternating side-by-side, side-by-side, basic grid, and single column. Rivoli lets you schedule, organize, and tag posts so they can be searched easily. It also has built-in tools where you can edit and enhance your photos.