7 Travel Bags That You Will Love Owning

7. Kessler Premium Unlined Weekender

A weekender bag is something that you can wear for more than just travel. The Kessler Premium Unlined weekender is the kind of travel bag that you can use as a carry-on bag. It offers plenty of storage space and has a premium leather construction.

6. Sloan Backpack

Traveling without a backpack is anything but practical. The Sloan Backpack is a practical and comfortable travel bag that you can carry on flights or walks around new places. It has two side pockets, a zippered large back pocket, and a large compartment that offers plenty of storage space.

5. Parker Backpack

The Parker backpack is one of the larger backpacks from Leatherology. It was made to be practical for travelers and offers a durable construction. The premium leather used to make the backpack ensures it can survive wear and tear and protects your personal belongings.

4. Warren Large Brief Bag

A large brief bag is a recommended choice as a travel bag when traveling for business purposes. It has plenty of storage space and can fit a large laptop. The bag features two comfortable handles and a leather shoulder strap.

3. Laptop Messenger Bag

If you enjoy traveling light, something like a messenger bag can be more than enough for a few essentials and a laptop. It has an adjustable leather strap, a large main compartment, and a hidden handle. The bag also features a cutout on the back to make it easy to attach to a regular trolley.

2. Kessler Medium Duffle in Canvas

The Kessler medium duffle bag can be a great travel companion. It is a travel bag that is meant to be practical and convenient. Made from premium canvas material, the model is easy to maintain and can withstand a lot of abuse.

1. Kessler Large Duffle

The Kessler large duffle bag is an excellent choice for a travel bag. It makes it easy to pack plenty of stuff while remaining easy to carry around. With two large handles and a leather shoulder strap, the Kessler will prove to be a versatile travel bag that you will love to have around.