7 Unique And Playful Backpacks That Are Great For Kids

7. Fluf B Pack Backpack, Poppy

The B Pack backpack from Fluf is a simple and practical model. With a large zippered pocket and a single main compartment, the backpack offers all the basic features for a youngster. The model is available in several different colors and a single size.

6. Miki House DOUBLE-B Backpack, Navy

For young boys, something like the Mihi House DOUBLE-B backpack can be a great choice. It is a bit larger, making it easy to pack a few extra things besides school books. It has padded shoulder straps, additional side pockets, a large compartment, and pockets for books and school supplies.

5. Bling20 Shark Fin Backpack, Blue

The Bling20 Shark Fin backpack is a fun and colorful model. Shaped to resemble a small shark, the backpack is both practical and joyful. The model features zippered side pockets, a large opening for the main compartment, and comfortable shoulder straps.

4. Ame & Lulu Little Love Tennis Backpack

The Ame & Lulu backpack was specifically designed for kids that love tennis. What makes it so special is the extra pocket on the back that is shaped to fit a tennis racket. It has side pockets that can hold small bottles and a large main compartment.

3. Dabbawalla Bags Panda Backpack

As the name would imply, the Dabbawalla Bags backpack has a panda bear theme. The model has a simple shape which allows it to offer plenty of storage and a panda bear drew on the back. It even has two small ears that stick out.

2. STATE Kane Kids Backpack, Camo

The STATE Kane kids backpack is a simple but practical model. It has a colorful camo pattern printed on it and plenty of additional pockets. The backpack features soft padded shoulder straps and a large main compartment with additional interior pockets to make it easy to keep things organized.

1. MON AMI Taylor Turtle Backpack

While The MON AMI Taylor turtle backpack is quite small and does not offer a lot of storage space, it is a fun model that kids will love. The model has a hidden main compartment and two adjustable shoulder straps. It is small, easy to carry, and perfectly suited for small kids and toddlers.