8 Unique And Essential Items For Enhanced Intimacy

* Awaken Arousal Oil (CBD Free): This natural blend of organic coconut oil infused with Kava root and other botanicals is designed for women who want to enhance their pleasure during solo play or with a partner. Applied topically to the clitoris, inner labia, and vagina this organic oil will increase your pleasure and can lead to better and more intense orgasms.

* Awaken Arousal Oil (with CBD): Using the same blend of organic botanicals that makes Awaken unique and essential for heightened pleasure, but with the addition of USDA Certified CBD this formulation offers enhanced relaxation and reduction of tension and increased blood flow making for more comfortable sex and greater pleasure possibilities, either solo or with your partner.

* Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD: Dryness can be an issue that sometimes makes sex a little painful and awkward. This Intimacy lube uses only 2 all-natural organic ingredients, Coconut Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD to enhance arousal, promote relaxation and allow for smooth penetration, vaginally or anally.

* Intimacy Melts with CBD: Perfect for use during foreplay or post-sexual activity, these suppositories are for vaginal or anal use and melt to allow for relaxation and easing of tension. Have fun using them with your partner or insert them about an hour before sex to allow them to melt and your body to absorb the ingredients.

* Intimacy Breast Oil: With all-natural, organic botanicals infused into coconut oil these tried and tested ingredients will bring a whole new level of awareness and sensuality into what should be a daily routine. Massage your breasts and promote well-being with this massage oil that is perfect for use in the shower or bath and sensually enhances your wellness checks.

* Intimacy bath Salts with CBD and Cacao: Relaxing in a soothing bath, alone or with a partner, is one of life’s purest pleasures. These bath salts with Epsom and Himalayan salts for muscle wellness are enhanced with an infusion of signature organic botanicals including Kava, Rose, Cacao, and Hemp to calm your mind and boost your pleasure.

* The Quickie Kit: Not sure which Foria product is best for you? Introduce yourself to a new world of intimacy and pleasure by trying one of the introductory kits. Mini sizes of the best-selling Arousal and Sex Oils plus 2 Intimacy Melts will allow you to discover what suits your needs the best.

* The “Me Time” Trio: 3 single-bath samples of the best-selling Bath Salts “Intimacy”, “Relief” and “Wellness”, all perfect for your bath time or as a gift for a loved one. Try them out and make the best choice for your bathtime needs.