8 Wall Lamps For Ultra Style And Elegance

1. Nova L Sconce

With a slender L-rod shape and an orb-like shade, Nova L Sconce is suitable for every modern room. It is available in different finish options, with the best being polished nickel and natural brass. Its dimensions are 11” H x 6” W and its canopy width is 5”. It is produced in the USA using ethically sourced domestic materials.

2. Princeton Mid Sconce 2.25”

A classic and popular design that can be placed on your home’s every single room, Princeton Mid Sconce is available as a plug-in-wall sconce, as well. You can choose between natural brass or true black finish and the available shade options are numerous.

3. Isaac Sconce-Long Arm

Inspired by Scandinavian designs, Isaac Sconce is handcrafted from steel and features an adjustable arm to provide plenty of light to your preferred room. The lamp is available in 4 different modern colors and it is assembled in Portland, using ethically-sourced components.

4. Eduard Sconce

This sleek, cylindrical wall lamp can shed plenty of light to spotlight areas of interest. It offers both a vertical or lateral adjustment and it can be placed in every room of your house. It can be placed above the mantel if you wish to illuminate a piece of art, or beside your favorite reading chair.

5. Radar Sconce

A classic, American design that reflects utility in every way possible, Radar Sconce is great for every contemporary house. It has an adjustable neck that can provide directional illumination to the specific spot of interest. It is available as a plug-in-wall sconce and can be the perfect addition to your kid’s study room.

6. Irvine Double Sconce 2.25”

Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or entryways, Irvine Double Sconce is made from heavy gauge, American brass, and finished by hand. Its dimensions are 13.5” W x 5.75” D and homeowners may choose to add a rotary switch for a small additional cost.

7. Allegheny Indoor/Outdoor Sconce

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration, this wall lamp features a classic, yet sleek and modern design. Its dimensions are 4.625″ W x 7.25″ H and it comes in two available backplate options: monochrome or brass. The bullet-style Allegheny Sconce promises to give your house a sophisticated and industrial look.

8. Simone Double Sconce

Inspired by the 1960s jazz era, Simone Double Sconce offers a luxurious and playful edge to your house’s decoration. Whether you choose the natural brass or true black finish, the lamp will catch every visitor’s eye thanks to its unique and graphical design. It is the perfect addition to every home’s interior space, particularly the living room or library.