9 Floor Pillows To Give A Unique Ambience To Your Home

* Grab the popcorn and curl up on the Classic Horror Movie Floor Pillow to watch your favorite scary film. Large portraits of horror luminaries, both new and old, will wrap themselves around you while you enjoy the comfort and support of this gorgeous pillow in the company of such icons as Chucky, Freddy, and Pennywise.

* The Classic Smiley face but, well, wonky. This black print on a cream cushion will be a focal point for any modern living room or bedroom giving you or your guests somewhere comfy to sit, lounge, and smile. The wonky smile will be sure to draw comments as you plonk down onto the pillow.

* Let people know how you feel without telling them with this colorful and playful Wheel of Emotions Floor Pillow. Color-coded panels on a white comfy cushion run the whole gamut of human emotions. Pick how you feel or even how you want to feel while chilling out in comfort.

* Bring a splash of Tropical Paradise full of color and sunshine to your room with a floor pillow covered in prints of luscious Hawaiian-inspired flowers on a rich green background. Ideal for bringing a riot of color into any environment and brightening up even the most plain room.

* The pastels of the High On Life Pillow beautifully match the retro-inspired graphic design from artist Norman Duenas to give a calm and chilled feel to this beautiful pillow. Pop Art becomes floor art and will make your room feel like a safe and familiar place to relax and chill to some classical music.

* Even if you know that your future is an afternoon or evening of relaxation this Major Arcana and Zodiac-inspired floor pillow will give you the perfect place to do it. It’s ideal for a bedroom or reading room with the Major Tarot Arcana encircling the wheel of the zodiac signs that pop against the black pillow.

* Trip back to the 60s with this Eye Pattern Pillow that has beautiful pop-art-inspired eyes printed on a bright orange pillow. Throwback to the 60s and lay back in comfort on the floor while listening to your favorite psychedelic classic rock tunes.

* This mid-century-styled square pillow has a representation of the Sunrise over the Ocean in a minimalistic design that flows over the pillow. The golden sun spreading its rays over the ocean’s waves will give you a place to relax and reflect while adding a touch of basic elegance to your room.

* Truly delightful wordplay and whimsical design elements make this Catana Floor Pillow a joyful addition to any modern room. The mischievous cat holding a katana will delight visitors and bring a touch of humor and style to your environment.