9 Wall Murals For Different Design Styles

1. Rosy Tomorrow Having a moment in nature is an effective way to ease one’s longing for that simpler and more relaxing life. Indulge yourself in the calming feeling of nature in the comfort of your own home by choosing the Rosy Tomorrow to adorn the walls of your interior. 2. Lost in Time The walls in your home offer a huge opportunity to express your individuality and make a bold personal statement that will not fail to impress any guest who visits. When it comes to creating a unique and memorable statement, the Lost in Time mural is your best option that is truly one-of-a-kind. 4. 10,000 Grains If you’re looking for a gender-neutral mural, then the 10,000 Grains is something that you should consider. It is a classic design that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life as it can easily complement all the design elements in your interior. 5. Walkabout One of the best things about murals is that you can quickly create a captivating wall design at a much lower cost. When choosing an eye-catching mural, the Walkabout would be your top option because it is a striking design that seems simple, yet it can effectively command the attention of your guests.
6. Birch Woods in Winter Birch is a symbol of rebirth, and they are aesthetically pleasing especially if they’re planted in groups. Surround your home with the beauty of Birch Woods in Winter and experience the calming effect that it brings to your abode. 7. The Wild Sonoma Coast The Sonoma Coast is known for its craggy coastlines and long sandy beaches that present a plethora of opportunities for adventure. Bring this rugged beauty to your home by choosing The Wild Sonoma Coast as your mural and every day will feel like you’re embarking on an adventure without having to leave your home. 8. Labyrinths Plants are one of the most important elements of a good interior design and lucky are those who have the luxury of time to tend to them. If you want to take advantage of this design element in the most impactful way, then choose the Labyrinths mural that can automatically bring the beauty of nature into your home. 9. Wildflowers Wildflowers may be hardy and resilient but they’re also incredibly beautiful just like any other flower or maybe even more. Having the Wildflowers mural on your wall can serve as a beautiful reminder that like a wildflower, you can also be strong, resilient, and beautiful.