A Pelvic Floor Exercises To Strengthening Your Core

Pelvic floor exercises also referred to as Kegel exercises involve contracting and relaxing specific muscles in order to strengthen them. To properly perform them you should start by finding your pelvic floor muscles – this can be done either by stopping mid-stream of urination or inserting a finger into your vagina/rectum. Once you have identified the right muscle group you can begin exercising it; doing so involves tightening and holding for three seconds then releasing for three seconds before repeating 10 times per session with 3-4 sets a day being recommended. It is important not to overwork the muscle as this could cause further damage.
In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor, there are also lifestyle changes that may help keep it healthy including avoiding excess weight gain, quitting smoking if applicable, and ensuring adequate hydration throughout the day 6-8 glasses. It is also important that individuals practice good posture when sitting for extended periods of time focusing on keeping their back straight without slouching down too much in their chair; this will ensure that pressure does not build up on certain areas within the pelvis thus preventing undue strain from occurring. Finally, women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding may find regular exercise beneficial due to its ability to reduce menstrual cramps while providing additional support for weakened areas within their pelvis. In conclusion, Pelvic Floor Exercises are an effective way of strengthening core musculature while alleviating symptoms associated with weak or damaged muscles- when performed correctly they can provide long-lasting benefits both physically and mentally!