Best Kitchen Knives To Make Your Kitchen Work Easier

1) Oyster Shucker

This set of specialized knives is designed specifically for opening oysters and other types of mollusks. The blades on these knives are shorter than traditional knives to allow better control while shucking, or prying open an oyster safely.

2) Fishing Knife Set

This knife set is designed to be taken fishing. The knives are short and have a sheath so they can be safely stored in the pocket of your waders while you fish. This set includes a fillet knife, a drop point blade neck knife, and a caping knife that has a gut hook to aid in the field dressing game.

3) Carving Knife

A carving knife is a long, thin-bladed knife with a pointed tip used to slice thin cuts of cooked meats. A carving knife makes cutting your turkey at the dinner table much easier than using an 8-inch chef’s knife.

4) Bread Knife

This serrated blade knife is designed specifically to cut bread. The serrated edge grips the bread while you push down to slice it without tearing or squishing the bread. Bread knives are designed to not damage non-bread items, like cakes and pastries that they might come into contact with when slicing bread.

5) Champagne Saber

This is a specialized knife used specifically for opening champagne. The blade is a skinny triangular shape with a blunt tip. It slips into the neck of the bottle and then you twist it to pop open your champagne without spilling any or losing that fizzing carbonation.

6) Steak Knives

A steak knife set includes multiple pieces of cutlery, such as knives and forks for eating steak. Steak knives are usually serrated or scalloped to allow for a better grip as the meat is cut, and they’re often made of durable stainless steel with wooden handles.

7) Paring Knife

This knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife designed specifically for peeling, slicing, mincing, or general cutting tasks. Paring knives are much smaller than chef’s knives so they can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables, but they have blades long enough to still cut through some types of food.

8) 8 Inch Chef Knife

An 8-inch chef’s knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife. It can be used for anything from chopping to dicing to slicing bread. This larger-sized knife is perfect for most people since it can accomplish almost any cutting task without getting too unwieldy or bulky.

A well-made, high-quality knife set can make your cooking and prep work easier and more efficient. When you’re choosing a set of knives it’s important to consider the tasks that you’ll be doing most often in your kitchen. Look for features like sharp blades that will hold their edge over time, comfortable grips, and ergonomic handles that are designed to fit in your hand. Make sure that you consider what kind of cutting tasks you’ll be doing most often and choose a knife set accordingly.