How To Deal With Digital Eye Strain

1. Take frequent breaks: Taking regular breaks is the first step in combating digital eye strain. To ensure your eyes get adequate rest, look away from the screen every 20 minutes and focus on an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will give your eyes time to refocus and relax during prolonged periods of screen use. 2. Increase text size: If you are having difficulty reading small text on your device’s screen, try increasing the font size or zooming in on certain areas of the page. This will reduce eyestrain and make it easier for you to read without squinting or straining your eyes too much. 3. Adjust brightness settings: Many devices have adjustable brightness settings that allow you to customize how bright or dark each display appears on your screen. To reduce eyestrain when using these devices, adjust the brightness so that it is comfortable for you without being too dim or too bright for extended viewing sessions. 4 Reduce glare: Glare from overhead lighting or windows can be very distracting when trying to work on a computer monitor or smartphone display. To minimize this distraction and reduce eyestrain, use an anti-glare filter over your device’s screen. Alternatively, repositioning yourself relative to any sources of light can also help cut down on glare.
5 Blink regularly: Blinking helps keep our eyes lubricated which reduces irritation due to high levels of exposure to blue light which causes digital eyestrain. Hence, make sure that you blink regularly while looking at any electronic equipment such as computers, mobiles phones, etc. By following these simple tips, individuals who suffer from digital eye strain can significantly reduce its effects while still getting all the benefits technology has to offer!

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