List Of Various Chandelier

List of various chandelier

1. Tilda Chandelier

The 100 LED light chandelier is composed of nine hanging planes, three square and six rectangular, which rotate a bit on a central support. The main body is composed of a wooden pentagonal framework and covered with artificial silk folds to create an illusion of movement.

2. Flock of Light LED Chandelier

Flock of Light LED Chandelier is a modern design with a minimalist and elegant feel, it is composed of 99 LED bulbs that are shaped in good proportion to its structure.

3. Luxury Crystal Chandelier

The luxury crystal chandelier has an elegant structure and a richly decorated appearance with a combination of crystal, silk, and acrylic crystals. The light bulb holders are made of silvery metal which blends perfectly with the transparent look of the crystal stones.

4. Big Bang Chandelier

The Big Bang Chandelier uses seven light bulbs that hang from the ceiling in a triangular and circular pattern. These light bulbs are connected by a five-light cluster to the stem.

5. Nottaway Chandelier

The Nottaway Chandelier is composed of a designer chandelier, candles, crystal droplets, and other decor items. The light bulbs are made of high-quality acrylic crystals and are placed on the corners of the pentagon.

6. Orbit Chandelier

The Orbit Chandelier is a beautiful light-up fixture composed of three acrylic rotating planes placed on top of the main chandelier. On the outside, it has a clear glass dome and four acrylic hanging lamps.

7. Archer Chandelier

The Archer chandelier is a modern ceiling lighting fixture with a refined look. It is composed of five forms of crystal that are diffused in the air and are supported by two thin wires.

8. Dunkirk Chandelier

The Dunkirk Chandelier is a modern ceiling lighting fixture that is composed of four planes with white acrylic rods and gold accents. The structure has points of clear glass and a chandelier with hanging light bulbs. The frame is made of metal painted in the same tone.


Chandeliers are a popular choice of lighting fixture and are used in many parts of the world. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can be customized according to the needs of the customer.