The 7 Best Smart Home Devices

It should be noted that smart home devices are very easy to use and install, therefore, they are suitable for businesses and users who reside in large, medium, and small houses.

What smart home devices should I buy?: We recommend the following:

1- Smart Thermostat with voice control

It is a smart home device with SmartSensor included that provides advanced control and comfort.

You have the option of placing the SmartSensor in offices and bedrooms for excellent control and comfort. This device detects the occupancy of the spaces, manages the temperature automatically, and keeps the temperature of the home or business regulated.

The SmartThermostat has Siri† and Alexa built-in, is ENERGY STAR® certified, and enables energy savings of up to 26% per year.

2- ecobee3 lite

This device provides a balance between energy saving and home comfort. It is designed for the user to save up to 23% of energy per year that is consumed in cooling and heating systems. You can buy the SmartSensor separately so that you have the comfort you need in your rooms.

With the ecobee3 lite, you will adjust the temperature appropriately and you have the option of activating the vacation mode when you need it most. This high-quality device works with the Android and iOS systems, and Apple HomeKit, among others.

3- SmartCamera with voice control

With this device, you can keep your home controlled and safe. With the SmartCamera with voice control, you will get complete and high-quality images with zoom and a 180º field of vision, you will access clear 1080p images, you will have smoke alarm detection to keep your home safe, and a 30-day video history.

4- SmartSensor 2-pack

Sensors allow you to keep your rooms comfortable and manage the temperature of your home.

Main features of the SmartSensor 2-pack:

* It is a smart home device that helps detect occupancy and temperature.

* Guarantees energy savings.

* It works through a wireless connection with the ecobee devices.

* Freeze Detection

* No wires are required, easy to install.

5- Whole Home Bundle

These devices automatically give you comfort and protection. It is worth mentioning that the sensors work efficiently with Smart Thermostat Premium and SmartCamera.

This product includes 1 × Smart Thermostat Premium, 2 × SmartSensor for doors and windows, 1 × SmartCamera, and 1 × SmartSensor.

6- Refurbished SmartThermostat with voice control

Access advanced controls and excellent convenience with this voice control-equipped device.

With the Refurbished SmartThermostat with voice control, you will save up to 26% energy every year; the SmartSensor provides comfort to your rooms, is ENERGY STAR certified, has Alexa included, and works with iOS and Android devices.

7- Certified Refurbished ecobee3 Lite

It is a certified and functional smart thermostat that reduces the carbon footprint.

The Certified Refurbished ecobee3 Lite allows the user to save up to 23% energy per year, provides advanced control on Android and iOS devices, is compatible with SmartSensor, works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, among others, and is designed through a rigorous recertification process.