The Best Throw Pillows And Decorative Pillows

1. Lush Velvet Pillow Cover

Luscious velvet is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for more polished and refined throw pillows. This pillow cover has a pattern that looks great with almost any type of sofa, and it’s a breeze to clean, unlike other types of covers. Velvet is also incredibly soft to sit on, an excellent choice for anyone sensitive to the feel of fabrics.

2. Cut Velvet Archways Pillow Cover

These delightful throw pillows are also made from velvet, covering every corner of the couch. With a mix of geometric shapes, these throws are a great choice for anyone looking to create a sense of art and beauty in their home.

3. Classic Cotton Velvet Pillow Cover

You can’t go wrong with cotton velvet if you’re interested in creating a whole set of throw pillows. It has the same luxurious look and feels as regular velvet without the expense. Unlike other throw pillow covers, these throw pillows are also durable and easy to clean.

4. Cotton Canvas Pillow Cover

So many interior designers use cotton canvas as the basis for their throw pillow covers; it makes any couch look elegant and refined. This material has a unique texture that feels great against the skin, and it’s a fun way to add colour to your living room.

5. Two Tone Chunky Linen Pillow Cover

These throw pillows cover all sides of your couch and add a perfect dose of colour to any room. These are high-quality throw pillows that are soft and super durable, unlike some low-quality covers. If you need more convincing, consider the fact that they’re also machine washable!

6. Dotted Chenille Jacquard Pillow Cover

This is another great choice for anyone looking to make their couch look beautiful without spending a lot of money on throw pillows. This pillow cover is made from high-quality chenille, which has the same soft and luxurious feel as velvet.

7. Soft Corded Pillow Cover

This pillow consists of a soft knit fabric pattern that matches the sofa and softens the look of the whole living room. There are both solid and striped patterns available so you can create a cosy look for your home.

8. Moroccan Woven Pillow Cover

This is another great choice for anyone looking to add colour and texture to their living room. The bright colours match almost any sofa, and the soft texture feels great against your skin. This throw pillow also has a hand-made design that adds a lot of artisan appeal.