The Dangers Of Excessive Weight Loss

One of the most common causes of excessive weight loss is the use of crash diets or very low-calorie diets (VLCDs). These types of diets involve eating very few calories per day in order to lose weight quickly. While they may produce rapid results in the short term, they are not sustainable over long periods of time due to their lack of balanced nutrition. As a result, individuals who follow these types of diets often experience extreme fatigue and other symptoms due to malnutrition from a lack of essential vitamins and minerals in their diet. Additionally, VLCDs can also cause dehydration which increases the risk of electrolyte imbalances and kidney problems. In addition to crash diets or VLCDs causing excessive weight loss; over-exercising without adequate caloric intake can also lead to unhealthy levels of weight loss. When you exercise excessively without consuming enough calories your body will go into “starvation mode” where it begins burning muscle rather than fat for fuel since there are no carbohydrates available from food sources. This type of heavy exercise combined with inadequate caloric intake puts tremendous strain on your heart by forcing it to work harder than normal which can eventually lead to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke if prolonged over long periods Of time.
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Excessive Weight Loss can also put stress on your joints because when you start losing large amounts Of fat mass quickly you’re left with skin that sags around your joints leading To possible joint pain And discomfort. Furthermore, this sudden decrease In body fat affects hormones Responsible For regulating appetite, mood, And energy levels. This hormone disruption can leave You feeling fatigued And Irritable As well as increase Your Risk Of developing depression Or anxiety disorders. Overall, while it’s important To strive Towards healthy goals such as losing excess body fat or reaching a healthy BMI level; It’s just AS important To do so In a safe And sustainable way That won’t jeopardize Your overall Health & well-being. Eating balanced meals while engaging In moderate physical activity Is A great way To achieve these goals Without putting yourself At Risk For any dangerous medical complications Associated With Excessive Weight Loss.