Tips For Shopping For A Tsavorite Necklace

First, it is important to understand what a tsavorite necklace is. Tsavorites are rich green gems that come from East Africa and they have been highly sought after since their discovery in 1967. They are one of the rarest gemstones available and can be found in various sizes and shapes depending on where they were mined from. Second, when selecting a tsavorite necklace you should look at both the color and clarity of the stone. The color should be bright and vibrant with no signs of fading or discoloration, while clarity should be free from any inclusions or blemishes. It is also important to check if the gemstone has been treated with any chemicals or heat treatments as this can affect its durability over time. Third, you should pay attention to metal purity when selecting your tsavorite necklace. The most common metals used for necklaces include sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. While each metal will have different properties such as weight and cost associated with it; make sure that whichever metal you choose has been hallmarked so that it meets quality standards set by regulatory bodies such as IGS (International Gemological Society). Additionally, inspect all clasps carefully before purchasing as these need to be securely fastened to avoid losing your precious gemstone!
Finally, shop around before making your selection as there may be great deals available online or even in local stores specializing in fine jewelry pieces featuring this beautiful gemstone! With proper research into the pricing history of similar items combined with an understanding of what makes a high-quality piece; you can find yourself a fantastic deal on an exquisite tsavorite necklace that will last for years! By following these tips when shopping for a tsavorite necklace; you can rest assured that you’ll end up with something truly special that will stand out amongst other jewelry pieces!